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BIG DWARF - towards abstraction...


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"Big Dwarf keeps its head above the crowd by reassembling everything from 1970's prog to modern travellers like Spiritualized into their own distinct melange on ‘Towards Abstraction...’...Big Dwarf really deserves a round of applause for bringing something fresh to a crowded field."
Andrew Carver, Pennyblack Music Magazine
"There’s nothing quite like this out there at the moment and by the end of the closing track it’s bound to win you over. So eyes closed, breath in, and tune in to the new psychedelic era."
Subba-Cultcha Magazine
"It’s nice to hear someone step up and grab the baton by the balls and toss in a few 21st century accoutrements to deliver a classic... cement(ing) these oxymoronic maestros into my Top 10 list of 2013 so far."
Jeff Penczak (Shindig Magazine)
"I like it."
Alan McGee (Creation Records / 359 Records)
"Artistic, contemporary electronic space-rock with ’70s folk-rock roots... progressive. NEW!... there is always a place for such a thing..."
Jon “Mojo” Mills (Mojo/Shindig Magazine)
“Fantastic guitar playing...the best of the old and the new psychedelia combined”
Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna)
"Big Dwarf deal in lengthy songs that reside in some previously unexplored realm halfway between progressive rock and britpop, awash with swirling synthesizers, spacey guitar breaks and groovy beatboxes. An odd mixture, but an appealing one that makes perfect sense once mindsets have been suitably adjusted. "
Nathan Ford, The Active Listener
“The real deal... come on over an lets JAM sometime...”
Helios Creed (CHROME)
“Wow...You guys are awesome... I wanna produce BIG DWARF...”
Kramer (Producer: Sonic youth/Galaxie 500/Butthole Surfers etc...)
"Damn crazy music you sent me...Really original and cool...complex, intense...still investigating it..."
Paul Roessler (The Screamers/Nina Hagen)
"I am a sucker for that kraut groove. Still the finest there ever was....and BIG DWARF do it well!...I’m enjoying it tremendously...”
Dom (The Great Pop Supplement)
"Their combination of guitar breaks and swirling euphoria set them apart; they really are pioneers of their own space rock. They need to be listened to with your own ears."
Steve Yates, The Room Shaker
“A really good listen... the production, vocals and delivery are great...”
Jack (Enraptured Records)
“A curious mix of Bentley Rhythm Ace textures and psychedelic Pink Floyd acid sounds.”
John Dorian (The Quietus Magazine)
"Excellent production! The kind of sound would be great being put up for licencing opportunities, film, tv etc, it's very mood setting and anthemic. Bet they are great live, ...deffo soundtrack stuff... a good catalogue of material...great stuff!!!...”
Clyde Jones (Glistem Music Record Label)
“BIG DWARF's twitching alien paranoid funk bewitched my ears like...Gong and Can eating mushrooms."
Harvey Lord (Lancaster Music Review)
“I dug the creative and original sounds within. It has definite vision.”
Barrett Lahey (Public Sector Record Label)
“Wow, there's a hell of a lot going on there... impressive and complex stuff... pushing boundaries!”
Keith, MD (Fruits de Mer Records)